Residential Painting

Painting and revitalizing your home is not as overwhelming a project as you may think. With our professional knowledge and skills, our uniformed painting crew can complete any painting project in much less time then the average energetic homeowner or painting crew.

We are known to come into a job and do it better and faster then most other painting contractors. Just think, someone else to clean the brushes, rollers and mess at the end of the day. Someone else to take care of all the little details for you.

We Specialize In:

  • exterior painting
  • painting-related repairs
  • pressure washing and cleaning
  • drywall surfaces
  • refinishing
  • interior painting
  • wallpaper removal and installation
  • cabinet finishes

Also our many areas of skills and services include:

  • Brush, roller, spray.
  • Wood finishing, for example staining, stripping, lacquering, urethane finishes, and faux finishes.
  • Decorating advice for colour choosing, matching and coordinating etc